Implications in Leadership

Implications in Leadership
Many things need to be considered in a leadership. A leader of course must have quality attitudes for the progress of the organization and the company. In addition to being responsible, a leader must have the nature and attitude as a leader who has clear goals and vision. A leader must be able to provide encouragement to its members. As well as prioritizing humane and respectful relationships. A good leader will have positive implications and benefits for the company and its members.

The word implications aside from being often used in types of scientific studies as well as in a study, generally also used in the study of mathematics. This is called the mathematical implication. The word implication in mathematics has a meaning as a statement that means compound and is often displayed in the word "if" or "then". In mathematical logic how to read and write "if" and "then" this can be explained with the following implications:
"P => q"
The mathematical implications can be read "if" p "then" q. The implication of p => q can be interpreted literally, where "p" (antecedent) as a hypothesis and initial or temporary guess and "q" as a consequence.

Ethical Implications
This relates to the habits that are done. Of course ethics has been taught from an early age, then continues to always be applied in everyday life. There are so many types and ethics in society. The simplest example is a person who is still young, must respect their parents, then there is an ethic if it makes a mistake that it should apologize first. If always implemented well, these things will have enormous implications for one's life. Among them are respect and pride.
The teacher is one important element that must exist after students. If a teacher does not have a professional attitude then students who are students will find it difficult to grow and develop properly. This is because teachers are one of the foundation for the state in terms of education. With the existence of professional and qualified teachers, they will be able to produce quality national children as well. The key that must be possessed by every teacher is competence. Competence is a set of knowledge and teaching skills of teachers in carrying out their professional duties as a teacher so that the goals of education can be achieved properly.

Cultural Implications
Accepting and studying culture from other countries is a form of positive attitude, the point is that there is no need to close oneself and always be open to changes and differences. But do not let this open attitude exceed pride in the country. What should be done is to accept cultures that are positive and in accordance with one's personality. Negative cultural absorption will have implications that can harm yourself and others.

Implications of Globalization
This implication is often interpreted as a result or effect when the phenomenon of globalization has occurred in a region or country. The implication of globalization is not only limited to the definition of products or goods, but can also be in the form of language, technology, education, culture, habits or habits, and so forth. This means that when the product or culture of a region or country can easily and freely enter and be applied in another region or country.
The implications of globalization can have both positive and negative effects. A positive impact is a region or country that receives globalization will be more advanced and up to date. But on the contrary, if it is too excessive, it will cause negative effects such as control of a region or country on products and culture of another region or country. An example is the increasing number of supermarkets and minimarkets that will dominate places such as traditional markets in the field of consumption, and the purchase of local products in the country.